We are in unprecedented times and we understand that the COVID-19 outbreak is taking a toll on families across the country with many parents being out of work or quarantined. We at Dominion Lending Centres Castle Morrtgage & Financial Group want you to know that we understand your concerns and, most importantly, we are here to support you. 

We understand that right now many homeowners and families like yourself may be looking for guidance on your mortgage financing. As Canadians, we are fortunate to live in such a community-centered country and to be surrounded by banks and lenders who care for their customers. 

As an industry built on homeowners, many of our major lenders have pulled together to provide you beneficial options during this time and help alleviate some of the financial stress. Mortgage Insurers and Big Banks alike are currently offering a variety of options to help mitigate the financial stress that COVID-19 is placing on families.

Depending on your lender, you will have one (or more) of the following options available: 
•    Deferral of payments 
•    Re-amortization of the loan 
•    Capitalization of outstanding interest & costs 
•    Special payment arrangements   

It is important to contact your lender, before you have any missed payments. Here is a link to more information including lender contact information: https://dominionlending.ca/covid-19/.

If you have any questions around mortgage options, or are simply looking for advice please reach out to me.  I am always available to communicate with you via phone calls or text messages. 

Please be safe and take care of yourself and your family,

Jo-Anne Keddie



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